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The Difference Between TN Screen, HTN Screen, STN Screen,FSTN Screen and VA Screen

Edit: Hong Kong Dong Xian International Limited Date: 2021-01-08

TN English name: Twisted Nematic; Distortion of liquid crystal molecules deflection 90° TN products are a class of LCM products, the main advantages are low power consumption and product display data rich TN, STN, FSTN LCD and LCD modules, COB, COG , TAB, CSTN, TFT LCD module products for MP3, mobile phones, industrial display modules, handheld video game machines, calculators, calendars, electronic watches, electronic pets, BP machines, electronic scales, car clocks, telephones, air conditioners, Multimeter, electronic notebook, car LCD remote control, radio, electronic instrument, walkie-talkie, CD, VCD and car stereo. Household appliances, industrial instrumentation displays, such as digital multimeters, electronic dictionaries, mobile phones, calculators, fax machines, mp3s, ipods, PDAs.

HTN (High Twisted Nematic) nematic liquid crystal molecules are sandwiched between two transparent glasses, and the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules is deflected by 110 to 130 degrees between two glass layers. This type of LCD is characterized by high contrast, low power consumption, low driving voltage, and poor dynamic driving performance, but the viewing angle is wider than that of the TN type.

STN (Super Twisted Nematic) uses an electric field to change the alignment of liquid crystal molecules that have been distorted by more than 180 degrees to change the optical state. An external electric field changes the electric field by means of progressive scanning, and each point of the voltage is repeatedly changed in the electric field. The recovery process is slower, resulting in afterglow. Its advantage is low power consumption, with the greatest advantage of power saving.

The display principle of the color STN is to add a color filter on a conventional monochrome STN liquid crystal display, and divide each pixel in the monochrome display matrix into three sub-pixels, respectively, to display red, green and blue colors through color filters. The basic color can display a color picture. Different from TFTs, STNs are passive Passive LCDs, which can display up to 65,536 colors.

Classification: Mainly divided into ordinary STN, FSTN, CSTN and DSTN.

Ordinary STN that is the liquid crystal in the LCD screen rotates 180 ~ 270 degrees, the LCD screen is attached to the ordinary polarizer, because of dispersion, the LCD screen will show a certain color, common yellow green or blue, which is usually called Yellow green model or blue model.

FSTN (Film + STN), in order to improve the problem of the background color of ordinary STN, adding a layer of compensation film on the polarizer can eliminate the dispersion and achieve black and white display.

CSTN (Color STN), color STN, based on the FSTN technology, add a layer of RGB color film, to achieve color display, the general drive way is higher.

DSTN (Double STN), a double-layer STN, where one layer serves as the driver layer and the other layer serves as the compensation layer, which belongs to the STN black-white technology. Compared with the FSTN, the contrast ratio is higher, and dispersion can be compensated with temperature to achieve a wide temperature The high contrast of the range.

The VA panel is now a type of panel for high-end liquid crystal applications and belongs to a wide viewing angle panel. Compared with the TN panel, the 8bit panel can provide 16.7M color and large viewing angle is the capital of this type of panel positioning high-end, but the price is also more expensive than TN panel, VA panel can be divided into MVA led by Fujitsu Panels and PVA panels developed by Samsung, the latter being the inheritance and improvement of the former. The VA class faceplate has the highest contrast (front view), but the uniformity of the screen is not good enough, and color drift tends to occur. The sharp text is its killer and its black and white contrast is quite high.

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