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About Us

We establish different quality management according to the demand of production control in order to control and prevent some bad thing, control whole production process in order to prevent the unqualified products are put into next working procedure or the users.

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RoHS Standard — Green Company, Green Products

We commit ourselves to energy saving and environment protection and promote application of green products to cater requirements of environment-friendly products.

All of our products can cater RoHS demands. So far, what we have done is as following:

 Established RoHS implementation team to guarantee implementation of relevant policies.

 Started with R&D ring, in products planning and design stage, we introduced environment protection requirements.

 In purchasing ring, we limited utilization of six harmful substance from supply source.

 Strengthen production control procedure, adopt lead-free welding technology. In lead free project, we achieve environment-

 friendly control gradually.

Abiding by the contracts strictly; Every quality and producing contradictorily, giving way in production; Every quality and benefit are contradictory, quality first.

Quality Object
For all the products, we assure that conformace rate heightening above 98% and rejected rate below 5000PPM all over one year!

Our Uniqueness

 All of the products of wide temperature and super wide temperature must to be tested by cool and hot impingement cyclly;

 All of the LCM products used in the military field must to be tested by factitious falling besides COG type;

 All of the products used in the military field must to be tested by vibration;

 All of the products must to be tested by 48 hour´s operation;

 All of the products must to be tested by cooking in the high temperature water;

Of course, We can have any reliability tested according to the user´s request.

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