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Plug-in Led Backlight

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Custom kinds of colors and shape ultra thin led backlight board

Kindly send us your detail drawing(Size, light color, Voltage or more) to evaluate, thanks!


Absolute Max Rating (25℃, take white color backlight as sample):

Item Symbol Condition Value Unit
Absolute maximum forward current Ifm / 25 mA
Peak forward current Ifp 1 msec plus 10% duty cycle 100 mA
Reverse voltage Vr / 5 V
Power dissipation Pd / 100 mW
Operating temperature range Topr / -30℃~+70℃  
Storage temperature range Tstg / -40℃~+80℃  


Characteristics (25℃, take white color backlight as sample):

Item Sumbol Min Typ Max Unit Condition
Forward Voltage Vf 2.5 / 3.0 V If=5mA
Reverse Current Ir / / 50 μA V=5V
Luminance Lv 45 / 120 Cd/m2 If=5mA
Uniformity Lv-m ≥75 / / % min/max*100%

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